The Dutch Screening Group

The Dutch Screening Group (DSG for short), is an official spin out of the Maastricht University, M4I and BL Investment Group BV.

Founded in 2018 by Brightlands Health Campus, Prof. dr. Steven Olde Damink, Prof. dr. Ron Heeren and BL Investment Group, the company focusses on the development of a screening platform that consist out of several high tech technologies, like the HDX® brand or TOF®. Both technologies a part of the screening platform DSG is building.
DSG has divided it's activities in two different brands, HDX® (Hair Diagnostics) and TOF® (The Organoid Factory).

HDX®, gives a complete new dimension to screening for all kinds of substances, like drugs, alcohol, Medical markers related to Cancer or Cardiac issues in hairs. This new non-invasive way for screening gives a complete new dimension of possibilities in regards to hair screening as this will not only give a clear view on the situation as it is today, but also enables you to look back in time and create a very accurate (resolution of 8 hours) chemical diary of the last month of years.

TOF®, is the next big step in the fight against cancer and the research related to it. By growing your own personal Tumour outside of your own body and by exposing it to all kinds of know therapies, TOF® can determine based on your own cells which treatment will preform as planned and which one doesn’t.

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By extracting a small sample from your healthy and sick tissue, we are able to grow small so called “Organoids”, which are a small part of the hosts body. Because the tissue is identical to the host and behaves as it is the host we can use this to determine the best possible treatments, based on the response and the available therapies and drugs.


HDX as brand stands for Hair Diagnostics(x), and already explains for a big part what our technology is about. By removing 3-5 hairs from a subjects body we are able to generate a chemical diary of a subject body.


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Making the Invisible, visible

Our Mission

“Making the Invisible, visible”

“Developing and bring non-invasive screening methods to the people which will enable an early stage warning and monitoring system for every day issues including drugs of abuse, cancer and cardiac issues”

“Having a non-invasive technology which enables an early stage screening and detection for wide range of applications in people with a strong focus on early stage warning and monitoring of life treating diseases.”


About DSG

Prof. Dr. Steven Olde Damink
Prof. Dr. Ron Heeren
Guy Vroemen
Cyrille Depondt


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