By extracting a small sample from your healthy and sick tissue, we are able to grow small so called “Organoids”, which are a small part of the hosts body. Because the tissue is identical to the host and behaves as it is the host we can use this to determine the best possible treatments, based on the response and the available therapies and drugs. The information that we supply can assist your physicians to determine the best possible treatment.
Additional screens based on DNA sequencing can be done to even improve and or support the findings based on your own Organoid screen.
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The Organoid Factory


HDX as brand stands for Hair Diagnostics(x), and already explains for a big part what our technology is about.
By removing 3-5 hairs from a subjects body we are able to generate a chemical diary of a subject body. This can be a person but also an animal for this matter. This chemical Logbook contains all kinds of traces with which the subject has been in contact with the recent months and even depending on the length of the substrates years.

An average hair grows 10mm per month and using our detailed scanning methods, based on Mass Spectrometry we are able to determine on a day to day resolution with which substances a subject has come in contact with.
As the core (medulla) of your hair is directly linked with your blood stream, also the substances like cortisol, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, cancer markers etc.. all come in contact with the medulla and get locked in it and becomes visible for us.
As we look into the core of your hair and not onto the surface, we are safe to say that we are not influenced by external contamination which was on top of the hair and which could be identify as alien to the body.
If there has been a sudden increase of a certain substance like cortisol or glucose, Or if a banned substance like cocaine has been used. We can all find them back in the core (medulla) of the subjects hair.

For more info please visit the website of HDX.



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